I’ve started brainstorming some campaign ideas and looking at books that I have “borrowed” until I decide to actually buy them. Also, I started looking at various virtual tabletop systems that are out there to see about possibly enhancing and streamlining certain aspects of our gaming experiences. So far I have seen quite a few that offer some of what I want but not all, or for some extra things I don’t want. The one I am looking most closely at is RPTools, mostly because it is freeware and doesn’t seem to lean towards d20 systems.

Anyway, I should be posting some starter info for the campaign sometime soon. The one thing I would like a little feedback on is, since it has been a while, should we make all new characters? Character creation in this game is relatively quick if you do the random generation, so we could knock it out pretty quickly if that is what you guys want to do. I know some of you have multiple characters already and I would just need to know which you would like to play if you choose not to create a new guy for this campaign.

<3 Ramone

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